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RCP Parking Ltd’s car park attendants are renowned for their friendliness and genuine customer care – and our experienced senior management team is highly respected by the British parking industry.

The company’s commitment to community engagement has been celebrated with a coveted national award and we genuinely care about the people we serve, whether they are our daily parking customers or the clients whose car park sites we manage.

It’s about getting the best of both worlds.

Some years ago, RCP Parking Ltd was referred to in the media as “the UK’s friendliest car park operator”. We were flattered – and have always worked very hard to ensure that we more than live up to this demanding national reputation.

We have sought to create clean, friendly, well-kept car parks with attendants who are excellent ambassadors for the RCP Parking Ltd approach.

Over the years we have held regular ‘customer appreciation days’ at a number of our UK sites, handing out RCP Parking gifts as a way of thanking customers. This is only a small gesture, of course, but small gestures often make big differences.

RCP Parking Ltd attendants have long been assisting motorists with problems such as flat batteries and tyre changes because that’s always been a hallmark of our friendly service. For us, it’s all about old-fashioned values of customer care.

If customers need help with suitcases, shopping bags, a pram or buggy, we assist where we can. Our car park attendants are so well known and liked, indeed, that every Christmas they receive cards and gifts from many of their regular customers.

In an industry not always renowned for customer care, RCP Parking Ltd believes that those gifts truly speak volumes.

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