Building a sustainable future

Through various green initiatives and services, we’re helping our customers (and ourselves) reduce their carbon footprint across the UK.

Our approach to sustainability

We’re in the business of providing a safe and secure place for people to park their cars – and we know that the travel and mobility industry has a huge impact on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to do as much as possible to make a difference. Individuals alone may not be able to make drastic emission cuts that limit climate change – but working together through various initiatives and actions will have the biggest impact.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

From small actions that we are taking internally at RCP HQ – to the way we manage our car parks. We’re always looking to improve our carbon footprint and do our bit to reduce the impact of climate change. 

Our actions:

Electric Vehicle Fleet

Electric Vehicle Fleet

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we’re actively phasing out petrol and diesel only cars. 60% of our commercial fleet cars are either hybrid or fully electric cars (Renault Zoe) – and we’re expecting to achieve 100% by 2025.

Ecologi - climate positive workforce

Climate positive workforce

We’ve partnered with Ecologi, a fantastic carbon offsetting business which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and offset all of our employee + business emissions. We’re a proud climate positive workforce having planted over 1,000 trees to date.


Environmental collaboration

We aim to work with suppliers and partners who are aligned with our sustainability goals. It's also important to us that we can offer our customers the latest in revolutionary products like pollution eating signage and the best in class Electric Vehicle Chargers. 

 “Now more than ever, doing our bit to help where we can is so important. By 2025 we've committed to phasing out petrol and diesel fleet cars by replacing them with EV's + Hybrids. Every little helps and we're pleased to lead by example”

– Sarah Naghshineh, Director @ RCP

sarah naghshineh